It’s not all about the incentives

You are investing A LOT of money to provide benefits for your employees, but is your well-being program producing the results you hoped for? An effective well-being program can have a big impact on healthcare costs and productivity, as well as lead to a happier, healthier workforce. Yet many organizations struggle to engage employees in their program and see measurable results. How can you create an effective program?

What’s Holding Your Well-Being Program Back?

The benefits of an effective workplace well-being program are endless, but without the right direction, you’re unlikely to see them. If your well-being program isn’t producing the results you hoped for, it might be time for a program assessment. Evaluating your well-being program is an essential step in ensuring the success and viability of your program. Consistent, ongoing evaluation will help determine the strengths and weaknesses of your plan and identify areas of opportunity for improvement.

Introducing HealthPrint For Well-Being Alignment©

We are thrilled to announce the launch of HealthPrint For Well-Being Alignment©, a new evidence-based tool designed to evaluate workplace health and well-being. This comprehensive scorecard enables us to monitor relevant data regarding employee engagement and the effectiveness of vendor programs, as well as identify areas of opportunity for maximizing well-being ROI, enhancing participation and achieving program goals.

WellCorp – Your Partner in Workplace Well-Being

Is your current well-being program producing the results you hoped for? Are you feeling overwhelmed managing your organization’s well-being program in addition to your other responsibilities? WellCorp is here to help. WellCorp supports Human Resource and Benefits managers enhance the implementation of existing health and well-being partner services while promoting an overall culture of health. Our team includes health experts, graphic designers, writers and operational specialists who drive increased engagement through innovative and engaging communications. Together we empower employers to achieve tangible results for their well-being programs