About Us

WellCorp specializes in improving program engagement through innovative health communications and tactical support of our clients.

We’ve designed and managed many innovative initiatives to increase engagement and create a culture of health. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality services while saving time and money for our clients. WellCorp also recognizes the importance of meaningful reporting and outcomes by setting metrics before the programs begin. We’re ready to share our knowledge and expertise with you and feel confident that our experience will make a positive difference for your entire organization. WellCorp specializes in working with multi-site employers with 500 or more employees.


To promote a culture of health by driving engagement through innovation.

Our Team

WellCorp’s team of experts includes health strategists, graphic designers, writers and operational specialists. Working together, we create innovative strategies that help you build a strong culture of health for your organization.

We can help you promote your culture of health.
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“Without the WellCorp team, OMNOVA wouldn’t have a wellness program. Big enough to need one, but too small for dedicated staff, we only went through the motions before meeting the WellCorp Team. They are the only wellness vendor we spoke with that rose to the challenge of objectively measuring their performance, and their programming is thoughtful and adds value. The team is simply outstanding: knowledgeable, sincere, and fun to work with! I put a lot of pressure on vendors to perform, WellCorp never flinches – they just get the job done.”

 Mike Quinn, Chief Human Resource Officer, OMNOVA Solutions

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