The Engagement Struggle Is Real

//The Engagement Struggle Is Real

Everyone knows that effective well-being programs produce happy, more productive employees, right? Yet most employers struggle to drive and maintain engagement in these programs. Participation numbers are one thing, but getting employees engaged is another. So, what can you do?

Here are some tips to help you boost engagement in your program:

  • Onsite Events: Host a health fair, bring in an outside vendor or have a healthcare professional provide a Q&A session. Hosting onsite events is an opportunity to educate employees on various health and well-being topics and encourages employees to come together and feel supported and valued by their organization.
  • Foster Social Connections: Quality work relationships help to build strong work cultures. Getting encouragement and inspiration from coworkers can go a long way in helping employees stay engaged.
  • Fun, Innovative Ideas: Encourage collaboration, while promoting a positive work culture, with a fun project such as a company-branded healthy cookbook. We recently had great success with this innovative idea. Employees were asked to submit their favorite healthy recipes that were compiled into a customized cookbook, printed and distributed. A healthy cookbook is a great way to support your program goals and encourage healthy eating. Tie in a launch party where you can test some of the recipes submitted to add in another level of fun.
  • Management Buy-In: Management should set an example with their participation. As visible proponents of your program, managers can create an inviting environment for employees to engage in company well-being initiatives.
  • Communication: As the cornerstone of any well-being program, effective communication helps to motivate, excite and engage employees. Communications should be consistent, to the point, relevant, and fun to keep your program top of mind.

Don’t let your well-being program fall short from lack of engagement. Incorporate one or more of the tips above to give your program a boost.

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