WellCorp – Your Partner in Workplace Well-Being

//WellCorp – Your Partner in Workplace Well-Being

Is your current well-being program producing the results you hoped for? Are you feeling overwhelmed managing your organization’s well-being program in addition to your other responsibilities? WellCorp is here to help.

WellCorp supports Human Resource and Benefits managers enhance the implementation of existing health and well-being partner services while promoting an overall culture of health. Our team includes health experts, graphic designers, writers and operational specialists who drive increased engagement through innovative and engaging communications. Together we empower employers to achieve tangible results for their well-being programs through assessment and evaluation; planning and ongoing management; customized marketing and communications; and specialty programs.

We feel confident that our expertise and experience will make a positive difference for your organization and would like to extend an offer of a complimentary health culture assessment. This succinct self-assessment will provide you with a snapshot of your current culture of health, identifying areas of strength as well as areas of opportunity for improvement.

An effective well-being program can help lower health care costs and put your employees on the road to a happier, healthier life.

Don’t ever give your employees an excuse to not to be healthy. Contact us today for your complimentary health culture assessment and to learn more about how we can work together to create a powerful and effective well-being program for your organization.

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